Dear Old Nicki,

February 25, 2011

New Nicki      VS      Old Nicki

If you didn’t already know, I’m a BIG Nicki Minaj fan. Like Real Talk. She’s a much debated about artist. Most people can’t stand her while others love her. Its pretty much one extreme to another. If you are on the hating side of the spectrum, you are probably saying you don’t like her because of her looks or outfits. What that got to do with her music? Lady Gaga is the same kind of person. Straight weird. But music is music. And the ones who hate on her appearance probably just discovered who she is! Go back 7 to 6 months and Minaj was rocking a regular straight black weave, sometimes with bangs other times without and straight New York city style street clothes. So don’t even bring appearance in the equation cause that can change at any moment. Alright so those of you who hated based on her voice, I actually salute you. You’ve listened to her before all this fame, like 2009, when she did that mad aggy voice on Itty Bitty Piggy. But c’mon y’all, that was one song. People need to listen to Old Nicki, because that is what got Lil Wayne interested in her career. Don’t get me wrong, 2010 to the present Nicki still goes hard like her verse in Monster and  Did It On Em, one of the songs off her album. I just want there to be a mixture of New and Old Nicki in the coming future. She even knows what I’m talking about. Below is another song off her album where she addresses her fans’ longing for Old Nicki:

Getting back to the task at hand. The meaning of this post was to show y’all what I’m talking about when I say ‘Old Nicki’. Old Nicki said whatever came to mind, no matter how vulgar. If a rhyme can make me laugh, then that’s a good rhyme in my eyes. Also, most of her old music was real, raw, uncut. Did y’all know that she was pregnant when she was 19? The things you find out by listening to her music. Below is the songs that made me a Nicki Minaj fan, I’ll give yah a little bit of summary on each, and I’m still gonna rock with her until the end of her career.

Old Nicki:

1. Autobigraphy (Gives her whole life story. Dad was a crack fiend, almost burned down house with her mom inside. Talks to unborn son and its father. Regrets what she did with baby. #Real).

2. N.I.G.G.A.S (For her hood/people, also proves she’s been signing on her tracks since the beginning. And yes I do realize that she doesn’t do all the singing)

3. Playtime Is Over (Just a freestyle that goes hard)

4. JumpOff 2007 ( I believe this is her first video, also for her hood)

5. Grindin (Playful freestyle)

6. Beam Me Up Scotty (Brings her Trini culture into this one, plus shouts out the West Indies)

7. Biggest Freak (Back when she was selling sex, actually pretty clever)

8. Go Hard (This one is about her hustle, some of her analogies make me laugh)

9. I\’m Comin Out Freestyle (Another freestyle that goes hard, plus I love the beat)

10. Coochie Shop (Yeah, she sells sex like any other female artist at one point. I loved the original Coffee Shop and this version is pretty good. This song is an example of her vulgarity)

11.Beef Stew (Listen to last 30 seconds. Makes me shake my head with laughter. Freestyle that’s quite clever).

These last two was when she started getting more mainstream but I love them.

12. Kill Da DJ ( The start of the voices but its good, one of those songs that you get stuck in your head. More singing)

13. Big Spender feat. Lil Wayne (One of her collaborations with Wayne before he signed her, nice beat)

One Last Thing, I’m #Anti Kimlin:

Nicki Minaj’s Lil Kim Diss

Roger Dat,


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